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MBA Chaiwala, the world's 2nd largest chai business, was founded by Mr. Praful in 2014. The company began as a small tea stall in Mumbai and has since grown to become one of the most popular franchises in India. The company now has over 200 outlets across the country and is looking to expand its operations even further.The MBA Chaiwala franchise business model is based on the principle of "FOFO" (Franchise Owned, Franchise Operated). This means that each franchisee owns their own business and is responsible for its day-to-day operation. The franchise fee for each outlet is INR 500000. Additionally, each franchisee is required to purchase initial stock from the company at cost price.The MBA Chaiwala franchise offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their own business with a proven and successful model. If you are passionate about tea and looking for a challenging and rewarding business opportunity, then MBA Chaiwala is the perfect choice for you!

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